I gotta tell ya - I hate paying for shipping, and not just because I'm a cheapskate. I also hate that you never know how much your total is actually going to be until you're at the next-to-last step.

So here's what I'm going to do - free shipping to the continental U.S. for all products. Is that a wise business decision? Probably not. Will I have to change the policy in the future? I hope not, but maybe. But in the meantime, we're going to give it the ol' college try.

The approach I'm taking to do this is three-fold. First, I'm working hard to keep my profit margin reasonable so that prices are lower to begin with. Second, I'm adding a portion of the cost for shipping back into the price of the product. Finally, I'm eating a portion of the shipping cost so you don't have to cover it all on your end.

So the end result will be products that are sometimes slightly higher than the competition, but you won't have any surprises regarding shipping costs once you go to check out. 

All that said, I am offering options to pay for faster delivery, so if you don't mind paying for shipping, feel free to go that route.

PS - If there's one thing you can expect from AKT, it's long-winded explanations of things that most people don't care about. I'd apologize for that, but since apologies imply an intent to change course, I think that might be a bit disingenuous.